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Why It Is Important To Follow The Football Tips Archives

To track past results of the tipsters and calculate results
To familiarize yourself with the way each tipster works
To see that everything we give is entered into the archive every day

Football Tips Archives FAQ

We keep a record of all our predictions, dating back to 2015, on our old site's archives. Our team of tipsters and services has been renewed, and we have adopted a new approach to our work. If you wish to access our old archives, please contact us.

Daily football predictions of each type are uploaded each morning on the relevant page for each service. At the end of each month, we upload them to the archive page of the service.

The best way to verify is to become our customer and track your progress daily. We are transparent and record all losses, so you can develop a successful betting strategy.

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Football Tips Archives – Summary

Follow the archives of all services and be informed before you get involved in football predictions. Calculate all wins and losses according to your personal strategy and find out how you would perform if you bet with a tipster. If you’re sure this works for you, get involved today!