Follow Ftipster’s tips history everyday and weekend. From the buttons below you can go to the archives of each of our services and track all past results.

The entire history of our predictions from the old site is kept in our archives. We have a history of our singles predictions since 2015. We now have a renewed lineup of tipsters, as well as new services and a different way of working. If you would like to access the old archives, please contact us.

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Why follow our Tips History

To track past results of the tipsters
To familiarize yourself with the way each tipster works
To see that everything we give is entered into the archive every day

Tips History FAQ

Why do you have such a short prediction history?

Because for several months we have been working in a completely new way. We made a huge investment in a new look of the site, new services, new tipsters, etc. We’ve learned a lot about this job over the years, and we’ve also made a lot of mistakes. Everything on the new site is very well thought out for your convenience. We have been working very hard for months to make this site useful and helpful to all of you.

Can I see the history of the old site?

Yes, the entire history of our tips from 2015 to now is kept in our archives. We can provide it to you at any time, just contact us to give you access.

Why are old services only single tips?

Before, when we did all the analysis and predictions with the help of 2 tipsters, we thought that this was the best betting strategy. We never thought that it was possible to win so much from multibet tips. After finding the right tipsters and testing them, we now have a different opinion.

What is the purpose of tips history?

The goal is to have accountability and traceability of each tipster’s results. So clients can see what predictions they make, what their style is, and of course, whether they are successful or not.

When do you enter the tips into the archive?

Entry of each match into the archive takes place late in the evening after the completion of all matches, or early in the morning.

How will you prove that the archives are real?

The easiest way to find out is to become our customer and track every day. We have nothing to hide. Any loss is entered. This is important so that you can prepare your betting strategy right.