On this page, you will find all the current Football Betting Tips Promotions & Offers. Take advantage of 30% off the service of the month, as well as an amazing 50% OFF every weekend. You can see these and other various promotions and offers below.

The Best Paid Betting Tips Promotions & Offers

Super Weekend Bonus 50% OFF

Test the predictions of our expert tipsters at half price every weekend and win more from football bets.

How it works?

  1. Choose one or more services
  2. Contact us so we can give you discount code
  3. Receive 50% OFF and Buy
  4. Receive your discounted tips

This promotion is valid every Saturday and Sunday. Whatever payment method you use, we’ll find a way to make you a discount. Be it with a promo code, payment link, etc. Do not hesitate, take advantage of the great discount every weekend.

Service of the Month 30% OFF

Get 30 % discount of the service of the month. Each month the discounted service is different, depending on the interest of the potential customers. We do this to make it easier to test our services.

How to get service of the month?

  1. Click on the green button below
  2. You will be redirected to the buy tips
  3. Choose your Payment Method and Buy with 30% OFF
  4. Start your subscription

Top 3 reasons to try our Promotions


Football Betting Tips Promotions & Offers

The most important advantage of promotional football predictions is that they get a valuable service at a much more affordable price.


Soccer Tips Promotion & Offers

It will become clear to you how our pro tipsters work, exactly what type of predictions they give, from which leagues, at what time, etc.


Amazing Customer Support

Third, but very important, you will see and feel our unique support and care for the customers who pay for our services.

Football Betting Tips Promotions & Offers FAQ

How do you decide which is the service of the month?

It depends on next month’s football schedule as well as customer inquiries.

Will I get a higher discount if I want 2 or more months’ predictions?

Yes of course. The discount for customers who take a long-term view of football betting is the biggest.

I want to test your prediction just once. Will I get a discount?

Unfortunately no. We don’t have discounts for single predictions yet.

Do you offer a replacement policy on heavily discounted betting tips?

No, we do not include replacements at these prices. But this again depends on whether you have an additional agreement with us.

About Our Betting Tips Promotions & Offers at Ftipster

Are you looking for great and discounted betting tips? Take advantage of all our promotions and offers every day. After all, we at Ftipster team are trying to make our services much more mainstream and accessible. Share about our promotions with your friends, it will always be useful for us.